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For the People. By the People.

The American Collective is a union of Americans that sees the Democratic and Republican parties as the two largest and most powerful forces of corruption, violence, and disunity in the United States. 

Since the first American Civil War, they have continued to drive division in American society while they installed an unelected, unaccountable, and anti-American union of privately owned banks to control the American money supply and economy. 

As a result of Wall Streets' economic raids and the generational wealth transfer legally sanctioned by the Democratic and Republican parties, the American people have been put into debt servitude to corporations owned by private interests. 

Big tech manipulates the minds of American children with automated artificial intelligence systems deploying sophisticated propaganda paid for by the wealthy and politically powerful.

Corporate news distributes partisan propaganda and traumatic media to instill fear, unrest, and aggression into the hearts and minds of Americans. Painting neighbors, family members, and loved ones as the enemies within.

Big Pharma extorts Americans on pharmaceuticals and life-saving treatments while exporting the same products and services at fractions of the price to international markets while being granted legal immunity for vaccines that have proven to injure, harm, and even kill. 

Telecommunication companies have taken billions in government funding to build an infrastructure that is operated as a monopoly, insuring no competition can arise and extorting Americans for slow, outdated, and unreliable connectivity.

The US military has broken its oath to defend and protect the constitution from foreign and domestic enemies while they actively spied on the American people for decades through the NSA.

The CIA spied on the Senate. The FBI falsified documents utilized in secret courts against Americans. American tech and telecommunication companies actively sell access to Americans and their personal communications and data to get around constitutional restrictions.

The American People have elected their authoritarians and surrounded themselves with anti-American forces that blanket themselves in patriotism while stroking the fires of civil unrest and servitude to banks.

Law enforcement protects criminals in power while the Justice system targets opposition to the system. Government agencies target Americans under the pretense of terrorism to the applause of partisans and political sycophants.

The Democratic and Republican parties have made it clear through inaction, partisan activities, and government malfeasance that the rights protected by the US Constitution have no room in their perverted authoritarian view for the future of the United States.

The Collective is a movement born of passion, desperation, and hope.

While the American nation continues to balkanize and devolve into increased civil unrest and violence drawn along party lines, The Collective will rally those that yearn for freedom from tyranny and provide the tools, technology, and information necessary to live free in the digital age. 

Those with the capabilities to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic are called to rally, organize, and mobilize against the Democratic and Republicans.

We are The Collective.
We are individuals.
We are families.
We are tribes.
We are Americans.

The Collective will rise to all challenges, tribulations, and violence that marshalls in attempts to deter, diminish, or destroy The Collective.

Truth enlightens all of us.
Only death can separate us.



Corporate media, big tech, and major financial institutions are all owned by the same people.



Land of the Free. Free to express, create, and illuminate.

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