The Collective Technologies is a unified technology operation that develops and utilizes available opensource technologies to create a social and commercial digital ecosystem that serves the economic interests of The Collective Members. Verified communities utilizing The Collective Technologies can federate with The Collective Network and interact with The Collective Members and businesses while maintaining their own digital infrastructure. 

All major manufacturers of processors and other modern electronics are compromised by intelligence agencies, people are no longer secure in their communications, and Americans have been stripped of their 4th Amendment rights. The US government and its agencies are hostile to the American People and use modern economic dependency as a means to target, control, or eliminate any opposition to the Democratic and Republican parties. 

The Collective Technologies operation is designed to achieve specific goals over the short and long term.

Short Term Goals:

Once The Collective achieves these short-term goals the ability of individuals to control their digital lives, secure their personal information, and hold commercial entities accountable in the open market becomes immutable. No corporate entity will be able to control Americans' digital identity and the ability for consumers to freely migrate from one digital service provider to another, retain ownership over their digital assets, and support communities that ideological align with their personal values becomes a market standard. 

Long Term Goals:

These objectives are hostile to unconstitutional military and intelligence agency actions, directly attack Wall Street's monopoly of the US economy, and solidifies The Collective's ability to secure its members' 1st and 4th Amendment rights against the hostile actions of the Democratic and Republican parties.

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