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An opensource identity and digital asset management operating system that secures privacy and gives people control over their digital lives in the modern economy.


Ownership of registered TC DNA is stored offline, in non-digital format.


TC DNA receives, manages, and stores verified digital assets.


TC DNA verifies access to member-only parts of The Collective Network.

TC DNA enables anybody to capture, control, and own their digital assets outright when utilized in conjunction with The Collective Network or other networks that conform to TC DNA protocols.

Members of The Collective connect their TC DNA to their platform user accounts, choose which data they want to be verified and stored, and control who has access to that data. The Collective Network sends verified data combined with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to verify authenticity. TC DNA produces self-contained and refined data commodities that members can utilize for their economic benefit. 

The Collective Network enables members to monetize, secure, and benefit from their everyday digital activities in a secure, opensource, and decentralized manner while remaining independent with the ability to migrate their digital assets and identities to other economic unions in the future if they want to.

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