Every tech platform mines data from it’s users. This helps these technology companies build better products and services. 

In the world of big tech (and small tech) a lot of companies see your personal information as an additional revenue stream. Selling your name, contact info, internet history, purchase history, and more to the highest bidder (and sometimes just anyone who wants to pay for it).

At The Collective we take a different approach. 

We pay you for your data when you voluntarily share it with us. Your data never leaves our ecosystem and it’s never sold. 

Our TC DNA system anonymizes and organizes your purchases and behaviors into an anonymized profile that is then used to find you discounts, deals, and savings that you actually like from the Brands and Experiences you actually love. 

Your TC DNA enables The Collective to work for you, the member. 

We’re the first member marketing agency. We take the data you’ve been giving away for free, put you in control of it, and use it to make your life better. 

The Collective exists to serve it’s members, to put money back in their pocket, to protect their personal information in the digital world, and hopefully to increase your overall happiness with life.

What This Means For Brands & Businesses

This changes the way Brands and Businesses interact with consumer through The Collective Lifestyle Platform. 

Our members share what they actually spend money on, online and offline, and interact with the digital world through our web and mobile platform.

Our TC DNA allows us to work with your Brand and connect you directly to consumers who find the most value in your offering. 

No more wasting budgets on in your face aggressive advertising that can dilute your Brand through outdated engagement methods. 

Just the consumer and the brand coming together in a more meaningful, direct, and transparent way. 




You’re no longer a product to be sold to advertisers. You’re a living breathing human being with hopes and dreams. The Collective was built to change the way technology works for you.

  • Your personal information is protected and will never be sold
  • Brands and Businesses only get your information through your direct interactions with them (Following, Purchasing, Etc.) 
  • Remove the noise (spam) from the internet
    • Find what you want, connect with what you love, and buy what you need
  • Find deals, discounts, and free offers from the Brands you love
  • Get cashback on nearly everything you buy, on the platform and off.
  • Take back control of your data

Brands & Businesses

You’re more than just a revenue stream you’re a member too. Brands and Businesses are made up of people trying to share their passion with others through products and services.

  • Connect with real people (No Bots)
  • All reviews are verified with receipts and invoices.
    • Competitors are going to have a hard time paying for fake reviews now
    • Engage poor reviews and turn a bad experience into a great one
  • Utilize our Marketing Services where TC DNA is put to work connecting you directly to the consumers who are looking for your products and services
  • Reduce marketing expenses through direct offerings and convert more consumers by providing relevant and valuable deals

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