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TC Claim

Starting price: $5

Non-refundable claim against a Wall Street or Tier 1 Commercial Entities @usernames on The Collective Network.

Starting price: $5

TC Claim

Product Details


The longer Wall Street waits to be regulated by The Collective Members, the larger their registration costs become. The Collective empowers members to support the growth of The Collective by funding operations through purchasing digital property rights to Tier 1 Commercial Entities (1CE) @usernames and other digital identification.

The Collective charges Wall Street organizations a 3% monthly on all unpaid claims and fees.

Fees applied to member claims are redistributed back to the member after a 5% Wall Street handling fee is collected by The Collective from the total claim value at payoff. All claims, fees, and other debts incurred against Wall Street organizations must be paid before they are allowed to operate on The Collective Network.

This makes TC Claims a monthly fixed appreciating asset.

Period Of ClaimMonth Start Value (MSV)Fee AppliedNew Claim Value (NCV)
Month 1$1003%$103.00
Month 2$103.00 3%$106.09
Month 3$106.09 3%$109.27
Month 4$109.27 3%$112.55
Month 5$112.55 3%$115.93
Month 6$115.93 3%$119.41


Period Of ClaimMonth Start Value (MSV)Fee AppliedNew Claim Value (NCV)
Month 11 BTC / $41K3%$42,230.00
Month 2$42,230.00 3%$43,496.90
Month 3$43,496.90 3%$44,801.81
Month 4$44,801.813%$46,145.86
Month 5$46,145.863%$47,530.24
Month 6$47,530.243%$48,956.14



TC Claims can only be sold to other members.

The Collective Exchange is scheduled for member-early access in mid to late 2022 allowing members to trade or sell claims to other members.



Once a Tier 1 Commercial Entity has paid off all claims and fees incurred to their accounts members will receive their payment in either TC Credits or Federal Reserve Notes on the Accumulated Claim Value (ACV) within 90 to 120 days based on their preferences.



Claims are non-refundable. All revenue generated from TC Claims is utilized to grow The Collective.

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