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Academic Pass

$25 | 2% Cashback 0.00038 BTC

Support the founding and growth of The Collective Academy.

Academic Pass

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Support free knowledge and opensource learning by purchasing the Academic Pass.

All funds go to organize The Collective Academy, a learning institution designed to distribute free access to the knowledge and sciences of humanity.

The Collective Academy is building educational courses and materials that are free to use and developing an opensource e-learning platform designed to provide education from beginner to mastery of all sciences, disciplines, and trades that humanity has to offer.




Politicians, ultra-capitalists, and ideological cults prey upon the ignorant and those unable to critically assess the world around them in a logical manner. The lack of the ability to read, do the math, and maintain a healthy household is a formula for disaster.

Education, access to knowledge, and the tools to grow are the foundations of all great societies.

College and higher education are out of reach of the majority of the world. The Collective Academy is building the opensource tools, technology, and infrastructure to aggregate, curate, and educate.

All disciplines, trade crafts, and academics that are foundational to society, the advancement of science, and the cultivation of philosophy will be published by The Collective Academy and available for free.



An opensource learning management platform provides the distribution of knowledge while physical campuses will provide community access for members and non-members.




Academics, engineers, scientists, and tradespeople wanting to publish, share, and distribute their knowledge for the greater good of humanity should apply to be a Pathfinder and help light the way for future generations.



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