93% of Americans utilize the internet, 90% spend 2+ hours on their cell phones daily, 82% have a social networking profile, and the average time spent on social media by Americans was 2+ hours daily. American life is digital.

The Collective Network's digital infrastructure is owned by and operated for The Collective Members to engage, connect, and communicate with the world. The Collective Network provides the tools and technology necessary to own, control, and monetize digital and physical assets while securing privacy, communication, and commerce. 

Personal data, created through engaging, socializing, shopping, and communicating through Wall Street-owned technology platforms is being used by artificial intelligence and automation technologies to rapidly and effectively target individuals' biases, emotional triggers, and traumatic experiences with propaganda created by predatory marketing and intelligence agencies, think tanks, and political partisans.

Subsidized by US taxpayers, Big Tech actively censors, deplatforms, and economically attacks Americans and institutions that seek to liberate people from Wall Street's economic plantation while actively colluding with Democratic and Republican partisans to target and ostracize American citizens. 

The Collective Technologies are opensource digital utilities and consumer platforms giving American consumers an alternative to Wall Street-aligned Big Tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and other anti-American tech organizations. 

The Collective Technologies centralizes data ownership at the individual level empowering people with the ability to control, manage, and utilize the data they create through digital engagements. Unionizing member consumer activities through The Collective Network forces Wall Street and other commercial entities to engage with individuals or The Collective from a de-leveraged economic position as their commercial operations are regulated through The Collective Network controlled by The Collective Members. 

The Collective Network extends its opensource digital utilities and platforms to business services and technologies. E-commerce, point-of-sale, resource planning, and financial software provided to member businesses modernize the American small and local businesses community while actively diminishing the dependency on companies like Yelp, Google, Facebook, eBay, PayPal, and other organizations that have a track record and history of abuse and hostility against American small businesses and the American People.

Small and local businesses, American entrepreneurs, and the community of non-profit organizations employ 48% of American labor and account for 45% of GDP. 80% of American small businesses are non-employer businesses providing income to individuals and their families through their own labor. The market share of American small businesses has seen their GDP contributions diminished by 6% since 1998 and their share of American labor employment steadily declined 3% since 2004

Verified businesses can be searched, discovered, and engaged connecting the physical and digital economies through The Collective Network driving member foot traffic, spending, and engagement. The Collective Credits offer members and businesses a common digital currency, easily exchanged online or offline. Businesses get connected with real people, real people get connected with accountable businesses, and Wall Street and their anti-American activities can be monitored, managed, and regulated if they choose to participate.


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