• The Collective Mobilization

    The Collective begins to mobilize in the consumer market. Organizing its research and resources to communicate The Collective Movement ideology to the American public. Through opensource and free distribution of technologies, content, and data The Collective Members and those opposing Wall Street as well as the Democratic and Republican parties will begin to spread the […]

  • Spring 2021 TC DNA

    The Collective Data Node Anonymized (TC-DNA) is formalized as the physical and digital identity service that enables Member voting and control of The Collective Network. Verified identities allow The Collective to focus its limited resources and services on real people, not A.I., bots, or other non-member entities or identities. TC DNA serves as an anonymized […]

  • Winter 2020 The Collective Data Trust

    Deep into the COVID economic depression, The Collective Agency stagnates as a commercial entity. Continued funding by founders pushes forward the development of the TC Economy and Technologies. The Collective Data Trust begins alpha deployment of its Automated Data Aggregation Communities (ADACs.) that organizes, charts, and predicts micro-macro economic activity across the US Economy. Members […]

  • Summer 2020 Summer Of Rage

    As Democratic and Republican governments across the nation continue their attack on the Small Business community and support of Fortune 100 market control the American People protest, demonstrate, and attack each other in the streets. The Collective continues to develop the TC Economy and Technologies under financial distress. Multiple offers of outside investments are turned […]

  • March 2020 COVID California

    The economic contraction began in January 2020 with capital markets and investments tracking the outbreak of COVID in CHINA. Democrats and Republican leaders encourage Americans to go out and participate in mass gatherings as COVID begins to decimate mainland China. Politics turns a public health threat into a symposium on prejudice and racism while Americans […]

  • Winter 2019 Winter Reformation

    Preparation for 2020 leads to a top-down analysis of available data and market information. Aligning The Collective Movement with the American consumer market and their unwillingness to transition to alternatives outside Facebook, Google, and Amazon forces transitional focus on marketing and growth strategies. Expansion of market engagement across the US collegiate system seeking a better […]

  • Fall 2019 Alpha Growth

    Technological foundations and commercial mechanisms are refined while development direction is set for the next stages. Consumer adoption strategies are developed by the founding team and deployed through business channels. Corporate enterprises, previous Fortune 100 clients are engaged to understand the weakness in platforms and offerings by Wall Street. The global data market is fractured, […]

  • Summer 2019 Early Alpha

    Utilizing automation technology to deconstruct and map commercial transactions throughout Southern California and compiling the first iOS/Android alpha app that combines the abilities of Yelp, Amazon, and other directory and e-commerce services into a unified user experience. Members have the ability to search, discover, engage, and buy from community-based businesses as well as digital storefronts, […]

  • January 2019 TC Economics

    Targeting the underserved industries ignored by Big Tech early technologies are deployed, legal strategies are explored in money transmission services, and digital asset exchanges are created. Data systems begin organizing commercial behaviors of American consumers in the Southern California Markets and mapping the micro-macro economic connections. The foundations of TC Economics is established.

  • April 2018 The Collective Agency

    The passage of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) opens legal and economic strategic avenues to dismantle the control of Wall Street Big Tech companies' control over Americans' personal information. The ability for the largest economy and most populous state citizens to effectively minimize their personal data held by Wall Street and hostile corporations in […]

  • April 2018 The Collective Movement

    Hostile and unconstitutional actions led by the Democratic and Republican parties solidified Wall Street back tech companies' control of American connectivity and communication. The need to liberate Americans from the Wall Street monopoly and secure Americans from hostile technologies that utilize their personal data to manipulate and harm Americans and their society became a priority. […]

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