The Collective's Member Benefits

The Collective's
Member Benefits

The Collective is a lifestyle platform that values its members. By creating a platform where consumers can find, buy, and review businesses and products, and also give their members cashback on all their purchases. It’s simple really. 

Create a platform that offers real value to consumers and a connection to the brands they love, and you have an avenue that benefits both business and their consumers. 

At The Collective we’ve created just that. A platform that allows brands to connect with consumers by offering them product or services as a way to increase their connection with consumers. 

The Collective is the first lifestyle platform that verifies all reviews and prevents bots and fake user accounts, while simultaneously benefiting its users with cashback, rewards, and exclusive offers from brands they love. 

Gone are the days of fake reviews, stealing consumer data and treating consumers as the numbers on their credit cards. The Collective is here to step in the arena with big tech and be the hero. 


For The People, By The People

Big tech takes your personal data and offers it’s platform and services in return. While this give consumers a lot of cool products and services it leaves your personal data in the hands of companies who have continously been caught lying, assisting private enterprises you might not morally agree with, and even selling your data to anyone willing to pay for it.

The world runs on data, it’s needed to provide the services we’ve all become accustomed to having. Technology can never take a step back, but we as people can take a step forward.

The Collective is the first platform that offers it’s members the features and services they’re used to using in an ecosystem designed to protect your personal information through our proprietary identity system that takes the data you voluntarily share with us, anonymizes it, and organizes it into your TC DNA.

Your TC DNA is never sold and never leaves our ecosystem. The only company that has access to it is The Collective. You’re no longer the product but the client!

The Collective DNA

We want your data, that’s why we pay you for sharing it with us. We use the information we gather on you to construct an anonymized profile that allows us to go to work for you.

By understanding what you spend your hard earned money on (and putting some of it back in your pocket) we learn more about what matters to you. 

We all look at things on the internet that we might like, can’t afford, or just found interesting for a moment or two. Doesn’t mean we want to be served ads for the next month on things we can’t buy or don’t really want to spend money on.

It’s annoying and Big Tech and Brands are getting more intrusive by the day. 

So at The Collective we decided to build something better. A platform that removes the noise and allows you to connect to the things you care about, the brands you love, and the experiences you crave. It’s all a part of your TC DNA.

Your TC DNA allows us to serve you relevant and valuable information and discounts on the Brands you love. Get deals on the things you want them on. It allows us to find opportunities to save you money. The best of all it allows us to go to the Brands you love or want to experience and negotiate for you. 

The Collective enables you to be rewarded for being you.

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