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Make a claim on a Wall Street corporation's @username.

Wall Street can not take control of its brand on The Collective Network until all claims and fees are paid.


The Collective charges a 3% monthly fee to the Wall Street brand on all claims unpaid.

Members collect the full value of their claims plus fees collected minus 5% handling fee.

Claims operate in the same fashion as commercial liens. Members can create claims against Wall Street brands and their affiliates' digital identities on The Collective Network.

The total amount claimed against a Wall Street brand must be paid off for the brand to take control of its digital identities.

The Collective charges Wall Street brands a 3% monthly fee on total claims levied against them. 90% of the fee is redistributed to members who held claims against the brand. 10% is taken to further The Collective operations.

After the total claims + fees are paid by the Wall Street brand, The Collective will notify each member with claims and return their total amount claimed. The Collective over the next 90 days will calculate the total due to each member and disseminate the funds to their primary accounts. 

Claims are non-refundable. All funds generated by the claims project is utilized to fund the growth of The Collective. 

Members can sell their claims to other members and the action must be conducted through and registered with The Collective.

The Collective Exchange will be released in 2022 for members to easily track, exchange, sell, or trade their claims to other members.

Currently, total claims will be reported weekly. By November 1st members will be able to track all claims from a real-time dashboard.

You must make a claim against a company, brand, or commercial entity. When they register with The Collective the fees and claim amount will be applied to their registration fees. You do not need to specify a specific @username.

Official @username used on other social networks is reserved for use by The Collective News Services division until all fees and claims are paid.

Minimum price: $5.00

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