The Collective pursues the legal right and economic ability of Americans to:

  • Live free of unconstitutional activities manifested by or in service to the US military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies.
  • Live free of corporate censorship, private monopolies over social utilities, and unaccountable government malfeasance.
  • Own and control their identity and personal data in the commercial market.
  • Connect and participate freely in the economy and marketplace of ideas.
  • Self-regulate commercial engagements

The systems, parties, and corporations that run American Society today are operating in the best interests of 0.01% of the American People and foreign interests. The Collective dissembles and dismantles these ecosystems and operations, repurposes their assets for The Collective Members, and builds a transparent and accountable future for all Americans.

The Collective is a digital nation for refugees and victims of the Democratic and Republican parties to organize, build, and mobilize their own economy, resources, and assets in pursuit of economic freedom. The Collective Network serves as a physical and digital economy that enables members to own and control their data, identity, and pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

The supporters of the Democratic and Republican parties seek to dismantle free speech, constitutional freedoms and use the mechanisms of government and their corporate allies to achieve these aims. Securing American’s 1st and 4th Amendment rights against the hostile intelligence agencies and law enforcement while promoting the marketplace of ideas is the only way American Society and ideology can survive and have a chance to thrive. 

The Collective unionizes American wealth, labor, and consumption into an economic union to develop, expand, and secure members’ economic interests.

The Collective Members are real people, verified 18+, living, working, or voting within the United States economy. The Collective Movement utilizes Populist-Capitalist economics to unionize members' economic interests and transfer ownership of the US economy from Wall Street and their international shareholders to the American People.

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