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American Rebellion

Since 1989 the bottom 90% of American households have seen our share of the US economy decrease by 9%.

We've seen our working-class jobs exported to foreign nations, our purchasing power was destroyed through inflation, and our government institutions operated as partisan weapons.

Americans today live under a corporate duopoly that has given banking corporations and Wall Street complete control over the US Economy and the American People’s future.

For many of us, the world is devolving into a state of constant chaos and economic insecurity.

For even more, complacency to the abuse of the political corporations and Wall Street is just a part of everyday life.

Election cycle after election cycle we see Democrat and Republican parties stripping away fundamental civil rights, corrupting our democratic processes, and serving the interests of Wall Street over the American People.

Now comes the time when we as Americans must all make a choice.

Do we continue down the same path we have been treading for the last 60+ years and accept our fate as debt slaves to Wall Street and nothing more than aggravated voters and donors to the two political corporations that failed to protect, develop, and lead our nation to prosperity and equality for all?

Or do we choose the route that forces us to confront our failures as a society, as a people, and as a nation and cast off the chains that bind us to the despotic future we are building for our children and future generations?

For those who wish to fight, now is the time.

For those who wish to push back, now is the time.

For those who want to see a better future, you must fight, and now is the time.

Each and every one of us must make the choice in our hearts and minds to consciously act, collectively organize, and mobilize in opposition to Wall Street and their political corporations in control of the American government.

Only together can we succeed, only through forming a new American union will we prevail, and by working hand in hand with our fellow Americans are we able to manifest the change necessary to give our children a future of unlimited potential.

The Collective is a call to action, it is a rallying point for the disaffected, the forgotten, and the fighters.

It is an organization designed to break the Wall Street duopoly that dictates our lives and ending the reign of Wall Street over the US economy.

It is an Economic Union that will bring market forces and the power of the American people to bear against hostile corporations, organizations, and agencies.

It is a union of Americans who will no longer sit idly by and allow the corruption that permeates our society to go unchecked and the hostilities perpetrated by the plutocratic and political classes to go unanswered.

The Collective is a weapon, specifically designed for the American People to harness their power, amplify their voice, and take back control of their lives.

For those who are ready to fight Join The Collective today and let the new American Revolution begin.

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