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Energy bill, cell phone, travel, dining, entertainment, shopping, gaming, lifestyle, health and fitness, and more.

The Collective membership gives you cashback on nearly everything you spend money on simply by uploading your receipts and invoices.

It doesn’t matter where they’re from. Simply buy, snap, get.

We Are

The Collective

We are the first lifestyle platform that enables and rewards it’s members for living life on their own terms, connecting to brands, events, experiences that matter to them, and protecting it’s members data.

Our members aren’t the product. Your data never leaves our platform and is anonymized to protect and benefit you.

3 Easy Steps

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Looks like you might need some help or you found something that was broken.

Tell us the problem and let us take care of it!

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be happy.

If you're a member your cashback will be processed shortly and you will be notified once completed

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Get Cashback.

Get 2% Cashback by uploading your receipt. 

Get AN extra 2% if you leave a valid review.

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